ArtVanLife Coming Soon!


2015 marks ArtLife’s 5th year in business. This anniversary brings new and exciting plans for the future. One being the addition of a new mobile piece of art that I’ll be taking trips on the road with to destinations all over the map spreading the ArtLife brand. Exclusive products will be available at each location with styles and whereabouts announced on social media beforehand. It started as a standard Express cargo van and after weeks of work it’s nearly finished. Right now, “El Tiburón” has been completely converted into a camp/surf adventure van like no other. I completely designed every little detail including taking various types of reclaimed wood to panel the interior walls. I’m currently working on the artwork that will be displayed on the exterior. I’m beyond stoked to share this news and please stay tuned for further details! Follow us on Instagram @artlifeisgood for even more updates.

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