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PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls: Murals For Oceans Cozumel 2015 Wrap Video Presented by 1xRun x Pharmacy Co. from PangeaSeed on Vimeo.

PangeaSeed, the international marine conservation organization, in collaboration with 1xRUN, Tony Delfino, and World Art Destinations, hosted the second annual summer series of its groundbreaking mural festival, Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans. The festival took place from July 17 – 26, 2015, creatively beautifying the Caribbean island of Cozumel, Mexico, while bringing education, connection, and inspiration to the community.

Within the span of 5 days, 35 large-scale public murals were realized throughout Cozumel’s town center, addressing pressing marine environmental issues such as shark finning, over fishing, coastal development, climate change, and coral reef conservation. This series of Sea Walls murals helps educate and raise greatly needed awareness within the local and tourist communities for the plight of our ocean and the life that calls it home.

PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is the first movement of its kind helping to save our seas via public art and activism (ARTivism). The festival featured over 50 contemporary artists from across the globe, collaborating to bring vital ocean environmental issues into the spotlight. Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans aims to educate and inspire individuals and communities to protect the planet’s most important ecosystem: the ocean.

My travel destinations always depend on where I can find the biggest and best murals in the world. I’ve spent quite a bit of time and miles wandering the streets of several countries searching for amazing pieces from some of my favorite artists. When I discover one I like created by someone new, I immediately have to jump on Instagram to see/learn more about the artist. As an artist myself and huge street art enthusiast, I feel that there’s no better gallery than the blank walls that surround our communities. If it were up to me, there would be large-scale murals on every desired wall in every city showcasing the talents of creative individuals all over the world. It’s graffiti that’s truly gratifying. So of course when I heard about Sea Walls by already following PangeaSeed, I was instantly intrigued by (1) the idea of a street art festival & (2) for a great cause that I’m also really passionate about. Not only would such an event unite artists and art appreciators that may have never crossed paths otherwise, it would also create awareness on how we can do a better job as humans to protect and preserve our planet. In this case, the ocean and all it’s sea life. It was a brilliant concept and the end result was fascinating and inspiring to say the least. Huge respect to the crew at PangeaSeed, the artists, and everyone else that was involved in this incredible project.

Unfortunately time & an expired passport wasn’t on my side and I couldn’t be there. I’m working hard right now to make sure that doesn’t happen again and trying to get ArtLife involved for future projects. Until then, here are my personal favorite pieces (even though I enjoy them all) and I hope to visit Cozumel someday soon to see the walls in person…


“The power of public art and activism has the ability to educate and inspire the global community to help save our seas. No matter where you are in the world, the ocean supplies us with every second breath we take and life on Earth cannot exist without healthy oceans. With dwindling global fish stocks, rising sea levels, and widespread pollution, whether you live on the coast, in the city or in the mountains, we should all feel responsible for the health of the oceans and life that lives within it,” says PangeaSeed Executive Director Tre’ Packard. The renowned artists involved in the project included 11 from Mexico and 24 from eleven countries around the world, all using paint donated by Montana Cans and Osel:

Aaron Glasson (New Zealand)
Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico)
Amanda Lynn (USA)
Bicicleta Sem Freio (Brazil)
Caratoes (Hong Kong)
Celeste Byers (USA)
Christopher Konecki (USA)
Colectivo La Quinta (Mexico)
Cryptik (USA)
Curiot (Mexico)
CYH Jayson (Taiwan)
Dherzu Uzala (Mexico)
Ever (Argentina)
Faith47 (South Africa)
Fintan Magee (Australia)
Honghikuri (Mexico)
Hueman (USA)
Ian Ross (USA)
Jack Fox (South Africa)
Jason Botkin (Canada)
JAZ (Argentina)
Jesús Benítez (Mexico)
Kai’ili Kaulukukui (USA)
Liz Rashell (Mexico)
Meggs (Australia)
Melhor (Mexico)
Naturel (USA)
NEWS (Mexico)
Osel Paint Crew
Paola Delfín (Mexico)
Phlegm (UK)
Seher One (Mexico)
Tatiana Suarez (USA)
The London Police (UK)
Tristan Eaton (USA)
Zio Ziegler (USA)

Follow @pangeaseed and @seawalls_ on Instagram and Twitter, and visit for more information on how you can help save our seas!


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    This is amazing! Gonna have to go participate in the future. “Que Viva el Mar”, “Long live the ocean”. Gotta do that mermaid graff!

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