On July 4th, 2014, it was a perfect day of BBQing hot dogs, drinking domestic beers, and watching the sunset from the sand of El Porto in Manhattan Beach. Later fireworks lit up the night sky while people got their second wind to continue the Independence Day festivities. After years spent celebrating at local bars and house parties drinking out of plastic red cups, I decided to bail on all that and take a spontaneous road trip instead. I got word that some friends were heading to Sequoia to camp out for the weekend. After debating whether or not to make the drive until around midnight, I packed everything up and hopped in my truck with fellow adventurer, branding/marketing mastermind of LMH Promotions, and Live More Happy travel life blogger, Lindsay Hawley. The chances of us getting a campground on a holiday weekend were slim to none but the tires already hit the road so there was no turning back. A couple hours into the drive, good news came by way of text letting us know that they had magiacally secured a spot. Excitement immediately ensued or maybe it was the 3 Red Bulls finally kicking in. Either way, we were destined to arrive at sunrise.

As we pulled up to the place called “Stoney Creek”, we were greeted by sky-scraping trees and the smell of bacon cooking on the campfire. Derek, filmmaker, and Noah, musician, were awake preparing breakfast and collecting wood while Krissy, clothing designer of Laakra, and Alli, musician/jewelry designer, were still tucked away in their tents. With such a creative group of individuals in such an inspiring place completely off the grid, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

We spent this unforgettable trip in nature playing music, exploring, inventing culinary concoctions, conceptualizing future projects, and even made time for a collaborated photoshoot. Select styles and accessories available here and on Laakra.



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